Founding Mothers Panel

The NHWI has a unique governance structure. Its Board is supported by both a Founding Mothers’ Panel, comprised of the founders of the merging partners, and a Gender Ambassadors Panel, a group of young women leaders who are interested in better understanding and reframing the dialogue around gender equality issues in New Hampshire. This multi-generational sphere of influence will help the NHWI leverage both the rich history and accomplishment surrounding women’s issues in New Hampshire and at the same time craft a new path forward for gender equality born out of contemporary thinking and needs.


Zib Corell

Martha Fuller Clark

Elizabeth Hager

Lucy Hodder

Alida Millham

Carol Pierce

Mary Rauh (Chair)

Marjorie Smith

Lillye Ramos Spooner

Katherine Wheeler

Bonnie White

Pat Yosha

Barbara Zeckhausen